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Welcome to Electronia

We conquered the World of Electricity (eEverything) since 1968; from Domestic-, Industrial- and High Voltage installations, through to Home Automation and Solar Solutions. Now we also bring you the best in eTransportation!!!

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Are you Fed Up with being Ripped Off? Are you Fed Up with the content of your fridge turning to rot? Fed Up with being held at ransom for someone else’s incompetence?

Say Goodbye to Eskom, and Hello to Renewable Solar Energy!!!


Technological advancements in electric transportation is disrupting Big Oil, held in place only by the sheer momentum of the massive internal combustion transportation industry. But ‘the writing is on the wall’…

Fossil-fuel is dying. Long live Sustainable and Renewable Electric Transportation!


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On holiday and need to switch your TV on? Coming home and need to switch the garden lights on? At the office and forgot to turn off the stove?

Say Goodbye to Worry, and Hello to Home Automation!!!


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Need to have your antiquated electrical installation brought up to speed? Planning to build a hospital and need the best electrical installation? Need to do an inspection on high voltage overhead lines?

Say Goodbye to Worry, and Hello to Electrical Contracting Excellence!!!